Product Manager, User Experience Leader

As a Product Manager, User Experience Director, UI Designer and Marketing Strategist, I’m a dependable leader with demonstrated success in driving both B2B and B2C products that consistently deliver growth and increase user engagement.

My passion for learning and collaboration fuels my work and I look forward to working with teams who strive for positive change in innovative and exciting ways.

  • Product Lead

    As a founding member of Weedguide, I led product development & strategy from initial concept though design, testing, launch and growth. When we began, the general idea was to create a search engine for cannabis related content. From… Read More

  • Presentation Strategy & Design

    WGE Inc., Weedguide, is a vertical search engine centered around delivering fragmented and hard to find content directly to consumers. As Chief Marketing Officer and Product Manager at Weedguide, I defined the product requirements and designed the user… Read More

  • E-Mail Marketing

    Email marketing is an important way of reaching customers, consumers and followers for almost any industry. Some email marketing campaigns are driven by an e-commerce goal of selling product, while others are used simply for brand awareness and… Read More

  • Content Writing

    In addition to writing for marketing materials, I have extensive experience writing for customer support guides, presentations and social media. I also write for several blogs and publications, including my own personal blog. I enjoy writing about a… Read More

  • Iterative User Experience Design

    At MediaHint I led an iterative approach to designing our product’s user experience. Using daily customer feedback and measurable analytics such as monthly revenue and subscription cancellation rates, I was able to gauge the success of implemented changes… Read More

  • User Flow – Enterprise Developer Portal

    As a user experience designer, I think beyond how something looks and consider how it works and behaves. By thinking from a user-needs perspective, we can develop a structured experience that blends intuitive design with complex interactions. The… Read More

  • SaaS Interface Design

    I am always excited to build new platforms and products that impact how we interact with each other, how we learn and how we do business. This product, Thorton, was an opportunity to take the best portions of… Read More

  • User Account Modeling

    I have in-depth experience leading teams in developing complex systems and user experiences for websites and web-based applications. I understand best practices and keep current on evolving industry trends to create innovative yet intuitive interfaces and experiences. While… Read More

  • WordPress Custom Templates & Post Types

    As a new investment and incubator firm, I worked with the team at Multi Venture Capital to create a website that reflected the excitement and potential of their acceleration program and tech investment opportunities, while also communicating the… Read More

  • Customized Client Training Programs

    This example is part of a custom client training program I created to demonstrate the available tools and features of the Platformic Content Management System. The client had numerous staff members and partner contributors joining each month who… Read More

  • Expert Presentations

    Whether I’m presenting a first brainstorm of a project idea or a formal investment pitch, I believe in the importance of a creative, clear presentation. In this example, I leveraged my deep understanding of the product, brand value… Read More

  • User Journey Mapping – Software Application Design

    As product manager and user experience architect, one of the initial concerns of my work with MediaHint was to identify the steps the customer would follow in beginning to install and interact with the application. I worked with… Read More

  • Successfully Balancing Multiple Projects

    No matter the size of your business, chances are in today’s workplace at some point you’re asked to juggle multiple responsibilities. As a contractor who works with dozens of clients a year, I’ve built my life around this… Read More

  • Product Setup Guides

    What good is an amazing product if no one knows how to use it? User manuals and setup guides have long been a source of frustration for customers in all segments. Good user experience design takes the confusion… Read More

  • Agile vs Waterfall Project Management

    As Chief Marketing Officer and Product Manager at WGE Inc, I led Agile product development with our CTO including Sprint Planning, daily Stand-ups, Reviews and Backlog Grooming. We utilized JIRA software to track tasks across the team, prioritize… Read More

  • SEO/Content Strategy

    JKatPhoto is run by a vibrant photographer with rave reviews from her clients. Her old website however was dark and stagnant, with almost no text and poorly built html that didn’t utilize any modern best-practices. Her talents were… Read More

  • WordPress Multi-Language E-Commerce

    Business today is global and while we often analyze user experience from the standpoint of how the customer interacts with menus, buttons and login processes, it is crucial we also consider the impact of language in the user’s… Read More