Agile vs Waterfall Project Management

As Chief Marketing Officer and Product Manager at WGE Inc, I led Agile product development with our CTO including Sprint Planning, daily Stand-ups, Reviews and Backlog Grooming. We utilized JIRA software to track tasks across the team, prioritize bug fixes and backlog issues and deploy new features on a consistent sprint cycle. One of the things I believe is the most important to any product team success is transparency – clearly defining priorities, planning approach and communicating progress. Using software like JIRA in conjunction with Agile allowed our team to easily share information, track progress or report blockers and work effectively together as a remote team.

Years prior, in my Professional Services role at Platformic I used a waterfall model in managing most projects, beginning with a thorough requirements gathering and research phase and leading into wireframes, design and implementation. Using this waterfall approach, I refined my ability to think critically, evaluate clients needs, determine necessary features and accurately create project documentation, timelines and milestones for large scale feature development roll-outs.