User Journey Mapping – Software Application Design

As product manager and user experience architect, one of the initial concerns of my work with MediaHint was to identify the steps the customer would follow in beginning to install and interact with the application.

I worked with our development team to determine the technical requirements of the process; in short: allow user to create account or sign in from a web-based interface, download and install software application, check user authentication against an active paid subscription and initialize application.

My goal from a user experience standpoint was to take this technical process and create an intuitive user journey that accomplished the technical steps needed, while making it fast, easy and transparent for users of all skill levels to understand and complete; maximizing successful engagement and minimizing the risk that users would abandon the process.

The following is one of several user flow charts I created to lead our team through wireframe, design, development, testing and launch of this project.

MediaHint-WindowsApplication_flowchartView as a PDF