Successfully Balancing Multiple Projects

No matter the size of your business, chances are in today’s workplace at some point you’re asked to juggle multiple responsibilities. As a contractor who works with dozens of clients a year, I’ve built my life around this great balancing act. I thrive under the pressure of deadlines and managing multiple projects at once. I’m experienced leading teams through complex product development cycles at a high level while simultaneously “sweating the small stuff”.

Imagine being given the responsibility of a complete end-to-end redesign and development on 7 separate websites, with 7 distinct clients who have their own needs, schedules and budgets. Now also imagine you’re managing these projects almost simultaneously, completing all 7 projects within a 10 week timeline. Is your head ready to explode?

I believe it takes a unique person to excel in this type of environment and I embrace it whole-heartedly. I successfully launched every single project within our defined timelines and scope, learning valuable lessons as I went about time management, priorities, effecient work-flows and the power of great collaboration.

There are certainly projects that call for a much more methodical, slow-paced approach and these projects drive me as well. With the confidence and mental agility I’ve demonstrated in balancing life as a multi-client freelancer, growing my business as I help others grow theirs, I’m well prepared for the challenges that await.