SEO/Content Strategy

JKatPhoto is run by a vibrant photographer with rave reviews from her clients. Her old website however was dark and stagnant, with almost no text and poorly built html that didn’t utilize any modern best-practices. Her talents were overshadowed by a presentation that did nothing to communicate her great qualities and it was difficult to find her via search.

I worked with Kat on a needs-analysis to identify her target audience, prioritize search terms and create a content strategy that would reach the decision making executives, large-businesses and organizations she specializes in working with.

For instance, instead of using titles like “Gallery II” and “Gallery IV”, I created a site architecture that targets specific search segments and uses rich titles like “Environmental Business Portraits” and “Corporate Event Photography.” We also added subtitles and descriptions to each gallery to foster an emotional connection and contribute to prominent search results.

In the months following the launch of JKatPhoto’s new website, site analytics showed dramatic improvement in traffic and Kat secured several large-level projects specifically because of her enriched online presence.