Iterative User Experience Design

At MediaHint I led an iterative approach to designing our product’s user experience. Using daily customer feedback and measurable analytics such as monthly revenue and subscription cancellation rates, I was able to gauge the success of implemented changes and evaluate user challenges.

While I believe measurable statistics – revenue growth, new sign-ups, web sessions, etc – are vital to fully understanding a product’s position, caring about the human-centric measurements like how a user feels about your brand, whether they enjoy using your product or are frustrated by it, and does it help make their life better or easier; these are the things that differentiate leading companies.

Over the course of 18 months through an iterative process, I leveraged the valuable feedback I gained while managing customer support to improve the overall usability, accessibility and user flow of MediaHint’s signup process, account interface and support portal. With each design change, I helped shape a product that was more in tune with customer needs, more intuitive to interact with and more accessible to users worldwide.