As a new investment and incubator firm, I worked with the team at Multi Venture Capital to create a website that reflected the excitement and potential of their acceleration program and tech investment opportunities, while also communicating the strength and leadership of their executive team and parent company.

When we began this project, the client gave me a vague overview of their company and a document containing a few bullet points of content they thought they might want on the website. I led structured discussions with team leaders to turn what could have been a dry, mundane info site into an interactive user experience with content that defines their brand story and attracts both potential investors and acceleration program participants.

This particular site relied heavily on custom post types and templates to build the backbone of the site content – for example the team profiles and portfolio companies posts. We also developed a custom lightbox experience designed to automatically pull in posts from a particular category – making sure that the client was able to easily update and add new content at any time with no development knowledge or assistance.



Business today is global and while we often analyze user experience from the standpoint of how the customer interacts with menus, buttons and login processes, it is crucial we also consider the impact of language in the user’s overall experience.

Castello delle Serre, a family-owned boutique B&B in Italy, is an intimate and inclusive experience. From the welcoming way the staff greet you when you arrive, to the glowing reviews from visitors who had the experience of a lifetime, this feeling that you – their guest – is the center of attention is key to their success.

Therefore, their online user experience needed to be just as human-centric; focused on connecting visitors to this dream destination in whatever language they communicate most comfortably in.

Incorporating research and available analytics, we launched the site using the WordPress Multilingual Plugin from in both English and Italian – the two most common languages among hotel visitors with plans to scale the languages offered as necessary.