WGE Inc., Weedguide, is a vertical search engine centered around delivering fragmented and hard to find content directly to consumers. As Chief Marketing Officer and Product Manager at Weedguide, I defined the product requirements and designed the user experience for this early stage startup from initial proof-of-concept through design, development and launch, including competitor analysis, user stories, feature prioritization and testing.

Throughout this process, I worked closely with the CEO to develop custom investor presentations to secure funding for the project. Some presentations were short elevator pitches aimed at introducing our company quickly and opening up an ongoing dialogue. Other presentations were much more lengthy and detailed for in-depth discussions with involved investors.

Using the presentations I created, our team secured over $2 Million in funding in the first round to develop, launch and grow Weedguide.

Due to disclosure and privacy concerns, I have chosen to only include a portion of Weedguide presentation materials. 
View the sample presentation as a PDF.

This example is part of a custom client training program I created to demonstrate the available tools and features of the Platformic Content Management System. The client had numerous staff members and partner contributors joining each month who needed to learn the system quickly and have easy access to resource documentation.

Due to the scale of the team, instead of trying to do live seminars and work around busy schedules, this video series was developed in conjunction with an admin-only section on their site where staff and contributors could learn at their own pace on-demand.

Whether I’m presenting a first brainstorm of a project idea or a formal investment pitch, I believe in the importance of a creative, clear presentation.

In this example, I leveraged my deep understanding of the product, brand value and position within the market to communicate key messages to high-level executives and investors. I’m able to effectively use research, data-driven analysis and data visualization techniques to maximize impact.


What good is an amazing product if no one knows how to use it? User manuals and setup guides have long been a source of frustration for customers in all segments. Good user experience design takes the confusion and difficulty out of getting started and gives the customer a sense of success and understanding right away.

To guide customers through the setup process of using this SaaS product on a variety of devices, I created an online learning platform with short video guides to walk users through the process from start to finish.

In addition to the videos, I included written documentation and step-by-step screenshots of the process to further clarify visually and help accommodate different learning styles.


See this setup guide in context at https://mediahint.com/support/setup/ipad.